Cal 20 Restoration 7

I just posted our final set of Cal 20 restoration photos at

This set shows the original ’67 Evinrude we used to motor from Schooner Creek Boat Works to McCuddy’s Moorage (barely), some final deck hardware bedding, our new Mercury 4 hp 4 stroke, and then some pics from our maiden sail this evening on the Columbia River (in very light winds).

Thanks to everyone who helped out with advice, parts, and general encouragement. Special thanks to Kevin C for lending us his trailer for three months. The project was enormously rewarding, and my brother actually misses having the boat in his driveway (nothing to stare at in the evenings). Luckily, I’ve located a Pearson 26 that only needs a little…

Project costs: $600 for the boat, sails, and original motor. Then about $2000 in paints, materials, wood, stainless fittings, almost new jib from North sails, running rigging, new rub rail, etc. Then about $1215 for the motor, and $600 for the first year of fleet moorage. Oh, and about 3 months of thinking about working on it, and actually working on it during evenings and weekends.

Main achievement: learning the process and procedures of dealing with repairs and refinishing. And, happy wife and kids on boat.

Lucky factors: being able to borrow a trailer, share the work between two of us, share the costs between two of us, and having a deadline to finish the project so we could return the trailer.

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