Cal 20 Restoration 3

The seventh set of Cal 20 Restoration Pictues is now available at

For reasons unknown, we soldier on with our Cal 20 restoration. This week, we finished the epoxy repairs on deck cracks and points of damage, and then we did a complete sanding of the entire deck before the first coat of Interlux Primekote primer.

At that point, we made a mistake and didn’t add 20-25% thinner, and as a result the primer went on like spackle. The quart covered less than half of the deck, and the vertical areas had pretty terrible brush strokes. It took four hours of sanding to flatten everything out again.

We then used two more quarts of thinned Primekote and completed two complete coats. Then we sanded a little and painted on two coats of Interlux Perfection Mediterranean White. It dried with a much higher shine than we expected, even if a bit “whiter” than we hoped.

Now we’re working on deck hardware, wood and fittings. We’ve found that a portable planner is literally recovering warped wood that we thought was ruined. The washboards and mounting wood all planed out flat and pretty once again.

After that, we’re doing 5-6 coats of VC Tar2 barrier coats before the VC 17 antifouling. We hope to launch on September 10th.

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