On the way. . .


I’m on the fast train right now to Portsmouth to begin our “Spring Break 2012” sailing trip.  Rest of the crew will join tomorrow morning, and today I hope to install the new Racor spin on filter adapter to the Cav filter head, replace the raw water impeller, re-install the jacklines, and replace the water tank filters.  If I have time, I also hope to do a provision trip to Morrisons tonight.

It’s always exciting at the start of a two-week break like this.  The weather for the week looks mixed, and I really can’t take the family out in semi-rough conditions, so we will need to play it by ear as to daily destinations and where we hole up.  At the very least, I hope we have some nights at Newtown River and Brownsea Island, and one at Studland Bay.  I also look forward to dinner at the Folly Inn.

If I can, I’ll take some pics of the work today and do another post later tonight.  I have a 3G stick for the laptop that typically works well, except on speeding trains.  I also splurged today and upped to First Class for £5 so I could have power outlets and table for the train trip– it’s worth it to get off on the right foot and relax a bit.

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