Securite Securite Securite

We’re at home fixing dinner, and the scanner stops on 16: Securite Securite Securite

We’re just getting started with finer points of sailing boats, so for xmas we received a handheld marine VHF as a gift. On board, my son is in charge of monitoring announcements (and his boating name is “Sparky”). At home, we listen to the weather forecasts and often times just leave the scanner on as we do the laundry or make dinner.

It’s a fun learning experience for all four of us– tonight we heard a warning about a 30×50 metal bulkhead semi-submerged on the Columbia river. Last weekend we heard our first “pan pan pan” about an overturned 14 foot boat with a white hull on the river (not fun in cold water near flood stage).

To us it’s all new, and it’s fun to learn as a family.

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