More winter work progress


Just had another good evening aboard. Took off the main sail yesterday and turned it in for cleaning and repairs. Picked up the altered genoa which is now two inches shorter on the luff and had stitching repairs. In two weeks I hope to put the main back on with the new stack pack and lazy jacks.

We will also clean sheets and do other work. Riggers should visit next week to do some repairs and mount lazy jack blocks.

I will be away for next two weekend. We might schedule the lift and bottom clean for mid march. The top side will also be cut and waxed. I also plan to buy a small pressure washer for the decks and spray hood.

If nothing else, we should have a cleaner boat this year! At the moment it’s sunny and cold and blowing F7 outside here in Gosport, so I don’t feel bad about packing up, sealing the boat, rinsing the decks, and catching a train to London.

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