An Introduction

A quick intro: I built my first sailboat in a high school shop class and sailed it happily for several summers on a small lake on the Oregon coast. After that, I sailed Laser IIs for a semester in college, and my father built a cold-molded Moth and Shellback Digny that I got to sail.

After many years of not sailing (19?), I bought some sailing books at a used book sale about a year ago (Maiden Voyage was one of them), and got interested again. Since then, my wife I have picked up our first two ASA certifications, joined a local sailing club, and bought and restored a Cal 20 with my brother. We sail weekly, often with our two kids (6 and 8 years old). Pics of our various exploits are at

At the moment, we’re considering owning a larger boat of our own (28-30 feet) or with another family. Alternatively, we might just charter for awhile in Puget Sound. We look forward to getting our bareboat certifications in May, and hopefully our advanced cruising and costal navigation certifications at some point after that.

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