On the way. . .


I’m on the fast train right now to Portsmouth to begin our “Spring Break 2012” sailing trip.  Rest of the crew will join tomorrow morning, and today I hope to install the new Racor spin on filter adapter to the Cav filter head, replace the raw water impeller, re-install the jacklines, and replace the water tank filters.  If I have time, I also hope to do a provision trip to Morrisons tonight.

It’s always exciting at the start of a two-week break like this.  The weather for the week looks mixed, and I really can’t take the family out in semi-rough conditions, so we will need to play it by ear as to daily destinations and where we hole up.  At the very least, I hope we have some nights at Newtown River and Brownsea Island, and one at Studland Bay.  I also look forward to dinner at the Folly Inn.

If I can, I’ll take some pics of the work today and do another post later tonight.  I have a 3G stick for the laptop that typically works well, except on speeding trains.  I also splurged today and upped to First Class for £5 so I could have power outlets and table for the train trip– it’s worth it to get off on the right foot and relax a bit.

Kemp Stackpack Installation

My son and I had a good day at the boat yesterday. We bent on the slightly shortened genoa onto its track and attached just about everything in sight with McLube dry lube (including the cable of the sail that slides up the track). When done, the headsail looked great– we could put on a couple more inches of tension, and that’s just what it needed.

Slightly shortened genoa flying at dock.

Kiwi Rigging of Gosport had also visited SR last week to service the winches, do a rigging check and minor repairs, and mount the mast blocks and lines of our new Kemp stackpack. Yesterday we bent on the cleaned and repaired mainsail and rigged up the stack pack for the first time.

Kemp stackpack almost installed

Complete stackpack installed.

All looked fine by the time we were done. We haven’t sailed with a stack pack or lazy jacks before, so I’m looking forward to going out. The gate on the sail track got a bit tweaked during the process, but I think we have a work around until I can modify the gate plate (to keep the slugs from sticking going up and down).

Still waiting for the Racor adapter to change over our CAV secondary diesel filter to a spin on Racor. Next weekend we have a few more things to service, and then we plan to head out for a week of cruising.

More images of the stackpack installation:


Using Sealift2– First Lift of the Year

We haven’t lifted Southern Rival out of the water for two years.  We have had divers clean the bottom growth (grass mostly, and the prop) about twice a year, but it was time for a proper lift out and clean and anode replacement.  Also, she was overdue for a topsides cut and wax.

Sealift2 recently added a facility in Gosport– right at the end of our pontoon, actually.  I read about the service at the forums at www.ybw.com, and it appeared to be a good and easy to use service.  I stepped into the office late in December and bought reduced price coupons for two lift outs this year, and one cut and wax for the topsides.

We have our first voyage of the year planned for 1 April, so we’re in the run up for the season.  Yesterday we had her up and out for the day.  A full photo gallery is available here:


Here are some sample images of a very successful Sunday:

Steph and Eve help land between the "goal posts."

It was easy to pull in, get clamped, tie off and be lifted.


Time for a new anode on that prop!

With shiny topsides, we prep to launch.

By the end of the mostly sunny day, we were happily back in our slip.  We also collected our cleaned and repaired main sail, and our new stackpack from Kemp Sails, and we hope to put all on next Saturday.

A Sail on the Columbia River

I was lucky enough to have a trip to the Pacific Northwest last week, and we managed to take out Aurora, our Cal 20, for a day sail on the Columbia River.

It had rained all morning (so we took a chance to board a Fantasia 35 that was for sale nearby), and then it was sunny but calm when we were on the river.

It was great to be on the river again, in February no less.

Full photo gallery: