Getting Things Done

Long time, no post.

The career has taken over my life a bit for the last year, but the major projects I’ve worked on now look to be growing more tame.  Thus, it’s time to think about sailing again.

One important change– I’ve revamped the entire photo gallery for this site.  It is now located at

Sailing, Travel, Life

It also now contains the very popular “Cal 20 Restoration” galleries that document the 3 month renovation of our 1967 Cal 20.  Go over and check it out.

It also contains some of our older galleries going back to 2003, including when we visiting the San Juan Islands for the first time with our bicycles on the ferries, and wondered aloud how one would be allowed to sail those sailboats around from island to island.

One other need for the revamp– the old gallery fell off of Google images, and this new gallery should be visible again to those searches again in a few days.  Yeah!

How did I find time to do all this?  I got sick over a four day weekend, and I’ve been stuck in bed.  Not a bad time to putter on such things.