A Journal of a Voyage


This is the first journal entry of our plans for a sailing voyage. The plans of this endeavor change all the time, but in doing so our commitment grows. We’re motivated by many things:

  • the challenge of a break from our careers
  • the need to introduce our children to global cultures and be actively engaged in their education
  • a desire to create connections to schools around the world
  • a love of sailing
  • a critical sense that the well-worn path of the American lifestyle is more limiting than enlightening

The implimentation of this voyage began a year and half ago, but it may not conclude for 10 or 15 years. It may also end at any time, but for the moment it is challenging us to rethink our lives as educators, parents and participants in global issues.

Our apologies for the “hot air.” I like specifics more than generalities, actions more than thoughts. Over time, we’ll load this site with materials we’ve posted before, and stock it with links to online conversations we’re having elsewhere. The important thing to remember is that we are fools. This process is tossing us into areas where we often uncomfortable and idiotically unprepared, but being there seems more real that many achievements we’re racked up over the years.

Thanks for joining us!

Jim H