Interesting recommendations from Paul Heiney

As I was developing my winter work list, I came across Paul Heiney’s blog about his recent sail to South America in a Victoria 38.  I had just finished his book “Last Man Across the Atlantic,” so it was good to read about his recent voyaging:

Wild Song Blog

To note for us Rival owners is his “winners and losers” list about gear.  Based on his info, I’ve added the following to the winter work list:

— replace my CAV fuel filter with a Racor spin on (sounds much easier and safer in a seaway)

— add some LED lights to the cabin (we already really like our LED anchor light)

— investigate the Walden boom brake, which sound very nice when short handed

–tune up the Monitor wind vane and finally learn how to use the thing

–ponder a watermaker location if we ever get the chance to go long distance

Fun reading.

The Crash Test Boat Series

Yachting Monthly is arguably the best yachting mag in the UK, and if you haven’t seen their Crash Test Boat series of videos on Youtube, you should check them out. A donated Jeanneau was put through a range of misadventures (holing, capsize, fires, lost mast, gas explosion) along with expert tests of different tools and responses to the disasters. Very revealing– especially the tests of different ways to plug a holed hull and different ways to cut downed rigging.

Here’s one example– the rest are on their Youtube channel:


Original film from “Once is Enough” by Miles Smeeton

I’ve just been reading Once is Enough by Miles Smeeton, a famous account of a Cape Horn attempt in 1956 by three in a 46 foot wood ketch. There is one or two surprises.

Once Is Enough (Sailor’s Classics): Miles Smeeton, Smeeton Miles: Books

There are main references in the book to John Guzzwell shooting film in a cine camera during the trip, including from a dinghy towed behind Tzu Hang, their ketch. If you are curious, fair examples of that film are shown here:

ITN Reporting 67: Cape Horn: Sailing Round the Horn

It’s a great book– a classic.